Welcome to Plummer Forest Products

Plummer Forest Products was founded in 1999 in Plummer, Idaho. From our company's infancy, we have strived to safely produce quality products, which drive value for our customers. We are committed to the forest products industry in Idaho. This commitment includes environmental stewardship and community involvement.

At Plummer, our core business promotes production of formaldehyde free particleboard and recycled composite panels which are used to make a variety of consumer goods.  Formaldehyde-Free PFP EnStron is simply the best Choice for resilient floor underlayment while our PFP EnStron Industrial Particleboard combines  100% pre-consumer recycled wood fiber, and no added formaldehyde.

We operate a trucking division which utilizes modern technology to save fuel and minimize the environmental impact of transporting goods. Lastly we manufacture wood chips used in the paper making process. This business utilizes low value logs and under utilized timber resources. It contributes to forest health, full utilization of our forest land resources, and does so in a sustainable manner.

Please contact us with any questions you may have, we are happy to assist you in any way we can.