Entry Level Operator

Entry Level Operator, Post Falls, Idaho
Full time: 4 on-4 off (12 hour shifts)
Job open until filled
Job Summary:
Entry level operators are an essential part of Plant operations. Job responsibilities include checking units for bad boards, dimensional tolerances, pull reject boards when possible, move units from the hot stacker to sander infeed, assist strapper forklift driver when needed, keep reject bin empty, feed by-pass as soon as possible, grind up unusable boards in Miss Piggy, blowdown and clean up production line.
It is expected of all personnel to continuously upgrade their abilities and enhance their job knowledge to achieve a high level of proficiency.

• Demonstrate safe behaviors at all times.
• Understand equipment operation and hazards in the work area.
• Perform daily inspection on forklift.
• Perform quality checks of units at hot stacker for defects.
• Transport units to sander infeed or warehouse.
• Assist strapper forklift when needed or assigned.
• Communicate with line operator to keep reject bin cleared and feed by-pass.
• Communicate with supervisor on board quality and production issues.
• Properly dispose of reject wood in Miss Piggy or to hog fuel.
• Perform cleaning and housekeeping duties of the production line to maintain a safe and efficient work area.
• Recognize and respond to upset conditions on production line.
• Assist with plant downtime and maintenance day activities as assigned.
• Monitor ongoing operation of equipment to detect malfunction or need for adjustment. Report to supervisor and/or maintenance.
• Effectively utilize and adhere to established communication methods and practices.
• Assist and train co-workers as assigned.
• Perform other duties as assigned by management.

• Ability to lift up to 50 lbs
• Must have high school diploma or equivalent
• Ability to work in a physically demanding environment, including climbing and heavy lifting.
• Be willing to work weekends, Night Shift and holidays as needed.
Our benefits include:
• Health, dental, and vision insurance
• 401k
• Short and long term disability insurance
• Life insurance
• Paid vacation
• Paid holidays.

Download the PDF version of the job description below

Entry Level Operator PDF