PFP Trucking

At Plummer Forest Products, we operate a trucking division which utilizes modern technology to save fuel and minimize the environmental impact of transporting goods. Our trucking division is committed to customer service. Meeting our commitments and doing so in a safe, environmentally sound manner, is more than just a tag line. We prove it in our performance everyday.

Plummer has invested heavily in our fleet of tractors and trailers, as well as modern global positioning satellite (GPS) technology. This GPS technology not only tracks the position of our trucks, it also tracks idle time, reducing fuel usage and green house gas emissions. It provides safety analytics like speed and stopping distances. These analytics are used to evaluate driver performance and operate our trucks in a safer manner.

Our trucks are truly on the move! Every day we are moving to become a better service provider to our customers and to our communities as a whole.

We are always looking for safe, dependable drivers. If you believe you have what it takes to join our team at Plummer Forest Products Trucking, please give us a call at (208) 773-7521.