EnStron Industrial

EnStron Industrial
A Formaldehyde-Free Particleboard.

EnStron Industrial is made from 100% pre-consumer recycled wood fiber, and no added formaldehyde. Manufactured in Post Falls Idaho, the board is produced from western softwood fiber, and environmentally sound pMDI resin. It combines the machinability and workability of pine and other whitewood species with the most environmentally sound resin technology in the composite panel industry. Our particleboard provides a high quality standard and demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and indoor air quality.

EnStron M2 – EnStron M2 is an ANSI M2 Industrial particleboard suitable for a variety of applications including: fine paper laminating, veneer applications, high pressure lamination, and wet finish applications.  It is the perfect formaldehyde free substrate for furniture, cabinet, countertop, and fixture applications.

EnStron M3i – There are applications which require enhanced strength properties and EnStron M3i is the answer.  Constructed to comply with ANSI M3i properties, EnStron M3i offers increased internal bond, bending strength, and screw holding.

EnStron M1 – EnStron M1 is our solution for the value conscious buyer who can’t compromise on quality.  The board is produced to ANSI M1 properties, is light weight, and has a 100 grit sanding finish to satisfy the most discerning of laminates. Shipping costs are greatly reduced when using EnStron M1, as the material weighs as much as 10% less than standard industrial particleboard.

EnStron MR10 and MR50 – Produced not only to physical property standards, enhanced moisture chracteristics allow it to be used in the most demanding applications.

EnStron Door Core – LD2 – Produced to ANSI physical property standards, and available in both full sheets and cut to size.  Of course, all EnStron Door Core is formaldehyde free and is available FSC certified.